Armor Auto Glass is a new company in the South Plains.  We are a locally owned and operated business that has 25+ years of Certified Experience. We offer the absolute best service in Auto Glass Repair, Home Window Repair and Commercial Glass Repair.

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One of the most experienced and dependable Auto Glass Replacement and Repair Company is Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, TX.  With over 25 years of glass replacement and repair service to the Lubbock, Texas and surrounding Texas areas.  Our quality of work, fast turn-around, affordable prices and friendly attitude provides our customers work that far exceeds any of our competition. 

Find out why Armor Auto Glass Replacement and Repair is committed to providing nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.  Don’t forget that we also provide 24/7 emergency service and come to your location!


Armor Auto Glass offers the following Services to our customers:

    We provide quality Windshield Replacement for the following types of vehicles and equipment:

    • Cars
    • Trucks(even 18 wheelers) 
    • SUVs
    • RVs
    • Vans
    • Tractors
    • Heavy Machinery Glass
    • And more!


    And, if you select Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, TX to replace your windshield, you can expect the following:

    • Quality OEM specification windshield glass.
    • Expert installation by our technicians holding to industry safety standards.
    • Assistance in completing and filing insurance claims.


    Armor Auto Glass Windshield Replacement has the know-how and skill to quickly and affordably replace your windshield.  No job is too big or too small for Armor Auto Glass’ experts to handle.  When replacing is your only option, choose Armor Auto Glass Windshield Replacement in the Lubbock, TX area.  Our reputation is one of providing fast, friendly and expert Windshield Replacement, with the guaranteed BEST PRICES in the area!  Call us today at (806) 778-3710 for a Free Estimate.

    Armor Auto Glass has the expertise to accurately asses your vehicle’s windshields, and to utilize modern Rock Chip Repair technology to fill damaged areas resulting from small stones and other similar debris.  Keep in mind that two/thirds or 75% of all windshield damage can be repaired.  Protect the original factory seal of your windshield and keep from voiding the warranty.  It’s always best advised to get the windshield repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid further glass damage.  Your vehicle will most likely not pass State Inspection with a severe crack.

    Armor Auto Glass prides itself on providing customers affordable, fast (15-20 Min. usually), friendly and quality care.  The first step in seeing if your windshield is a good candidate for Rock Chip Repair is to evaluate the extent of damage:

    Ask these questions:

    1. The location of the damage?
    2. Is there a hole or a crack? 
    3. Are there crack spiders?

    If you decide to have Armor Auto Glass Repair your Rock Chip Damage, we’ll inject high strength resin and a pit filling resin into the damaged area, and then use a special ultra violet light to solidify everything.  The repaired area is guaranteed not to crack from the point repaired.  The professionals at Armor Auto Glass in Lubbock, TX can repair Rock Chip damage at the area’s most competitive prices.  We can assist you in filing your Rock Chip Repair claim out to your insurance provider. 

    Armor Auto Glass also provides quality Windshield Replacement when the glass can’t be repaired.  Contact us for a FREE estimate!  We’re considered the Lubbock area’s most knowledgeable auto glass dealer.  And, ask us about our “$40.00 OFF In-Shop” windshield replacement.  Here is the basic information you’ll need in order to expedite your Windshield Replacement or Repair work when contacting us:

    Tell us about your Automobile.

    1. The Vehicle Year
    2. The Vehicle Make
    3. The Vehicle Model
    4. The Glass Section to Be Repaired (i.e. front, right rear, etc.)
    5. The Color of tint if tinted

    Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock is the area’s trusted name in Auto Glass replacement and repair.  Call us at (806) 778-3710 for the BEST prices in town!

    Armor Auto Glass has been your Heavy Machinery Glass Replacement experts in the Lubbock, TX area for over 25 years!  Whether you need Backhoe Glass Replacement or 18 Wheeler Glass Replacement glass, call us in Lubbock, TX at Armor Auto Glass. 

    Armor Auto Glass is your trusted Heavy Machinery Glass Replacement company, with 24/7 emergency service and come to your location response waiting your call!  Many times our experts can repair your damaged windows at a much lower rate of replacing them.  If it’s necessary to replace your Heavy Machinery Glass we offer the highest quality of glass and installation, and still feature the area’s BEST Prices…Guaranteed!

    Because of the environment they operate in, your machinery such as tractors, excavators and bulldozers can receive a pounding on a variety of parts and mechanisms.  Your glass, not surprisingly, should need regular repair and replacement, as well.  Armor Auto is considered a “one-stop shop” for not only auto glass needs, but also for Heavy Machinery Glass needs including tractor glass replacement or construction equipment glass repair/replacement.  We also have Front Loader Glass, Excavator Glass, Bus Glass, and others!

    The professionals at Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, TX are your Heavy Machinery Glass Replacement and Repair experts.  We can get your equipment glass repaired or replaced in no time at all and on-budget!  Our special tools and know-how allows us to restore your windshield or window to its like new strength.  Damaged equipment such as glass put Heavy Machinery operators at a greater chance of injury.  Avoid costly repairs or Heavy Machinery Glass Replacement down-the-road by letting Armor Auto Glass repair your equipment glass while damage is still relatively minor.

    As your Heavy Machinery glass experts, Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, TX can normally provide one day turnaround Replacement and Repair services on your equipment.   When replacing glass that is sculptured on some piece of Heavy Machinery Equipment, it may take Armor Auto Glass between 3 to 5 days to bring in the custom glass and install it.  Call us to receive a FREE estimate at (806) 778-3710.  Our certified technicians are dedicated to making our customers feel 100% satisfied

    If you need Residential window and glass repair, replacement, installation, or a make-over, please contact Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, Texas. We’re noted for our fast, affordable and quality services we provide.  Armor Auto Glass also offers our Glass Window Replacement and Repair  24/7 emergency service.  If we can’t repair or replace your exterior windows quickly after damage happens, we can expertly board-up the windows until a permanent solution is applied.  Our window glass is fully guaranteed, and comes at the area’s BEST prices!

    Armor Auto Glass stocks flat glass and mirror glass in a variety of colors, textures and thicknesses.  Depending on the size of your project, we can usually cut, polish and install your glass within the same work day.   The experts at Armor Auto Glass can evaluate your home and repair almost any type of glass.  Contact Armor Auto Glass in Lubbock, TX for all your window glass needs, and ask us to review your home window energy efficient glass requirements.  We can SAVE you ENERGY DOLLARS! 

    Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, TX also makes available special “glass protect ants” and window “tint film,” which can add years of beauty and convenience to your windows.   These can be added to either existing or new windows, mirrors, shower doors or bathtub enclosures.   Protecting adds additional strength to your windows for safety and protection.  Tinting your windows helps keep UV rays from penetrating inside, thus your home is made more energy efficient.   They also increase privacy and can deter thieves because they can’t easily see inside. 

    For all your Residential Glass Replacement and Repair needs, contact Armor Auto Glass.  We provide fast and friendly service, with the guaranteed BEST PRICES In Town!  Ask about Federal Energy Tax Deductions and Rebates for installing energy efficient windows and doors.  Call Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock today at (806) 778-3720 for a FREE estimate.  Service is our middle name.

    Armor Auto Glass has taken care homeowner’s glass needs for over 25 years as well as  Business/Office Glass Replacement and Repair.   We strive for customer satisfaction with all our Commercial Glass Replacement and Repair projects, such as our 24/7 Emergency Repair/Board-up services for business owners.  We’re noted for our fast and reliable service provided.  Our Commercial Glass Replacement and Repair services come with a full guarantee, and all at the Lubbock, TX area’s Best Prices!

    Your Business/Office exterior glass is your first line of defense from the weather, UV rays and potential thieves.  That’s why Armor Auto Glass is the trusted Glass Repair and Replacement Company in the Lubbock, TX area.  

    We have a wide range of different quality glass products and options that give business owners peace-of-mind that they’re protected.   Armor Auto Glass’ multi-purpose glass functions well with everything from store fronts, mall facades, office buildings, warehouses, schools, churches and factories.  Glass installed by Armor Auto Glass enhances ambiance, ergonomics and beauty. 

    Because of business break-ins and accidents, we all realize that glass breaks.  In addition, after many years older glass needs to be replaced or upgraded for environmental reasons such as temperature control and UV radiation, and security reasons.  Whether it’s from flat glass to bulletproof glass, Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, TX has the expertise working with many types of glass.  We can quickly repair or replace your Business/Office glass for all types of items, including window glass, entry way glass, skylight glass, table top glass, mirror glass and display glass.  We’ve got it covered! 

    Armor Auto Glass Commercial Replacement and Repair also offers special treatments of Tinted Film and Security Film for your location.  By applying Tinting to your exterior glass you’ll remain more energy efficient, protect your carpeting and furnishings from fading and add privacy (such as thieves) from people looking in. 

    Guaranteed not to bubble, peel or discolor.  Additionally, Armor Auto Glass of Lubbock, TX can apply Security Film to your windows in order to strengthen the glass, thus reducing the chance of injury from an accident.  It also toughens the glass to make it much more difficult for thieves to break-in. 

    Visit our Business/Office Glass Replacement and Repair page and find out about all the benefits available to our business glass customers.  Call today for a FREE estimate at (806) 778-3720.  We guarantee the best Commercial Glass work, and the absolute BEST prices in the Lubbock, TX area.

Armor Auto Glass Customer Coverage Area

We serve lubbock and its surrounding areas but we can only go so far for it to be feesable to our company. Now this doesn't mean if you're out of the coverage area below that we can't make the extra mile to help you. Our number one priority is to help each and every person who takes the time to contact us for assistance.

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Armor Auto Glass Customer Care Principles

  • Our service is about quality and reliability measuring how we deliver our services and defining expectations to insure your business receives nothing less than our best.

  • Armor Auto Glass is capable of providing a wide variety of services, completing them efficiently and on time with results you’ll be proud of. Our commitment to the quality of our service is the key element in our Customer Care Principles.

  • Our staff is always eager to assist you whether it’s a basic request or a very unique one. We realize your order is important to you and we are committed to providing solid solutions to meet your expectations.

  • We anticipate our customers’ needs and provide personalized reliable service because we understand that not every problem has the same solution. You sometimes have to get creative and come up with a specified or more effective solution.

  •  We take pride in our work and strive to continually enhance our customers’ experience.

  • We treat our customers with dignity and respect and demonstrate a high regard for their diverse points of view.

  • We take ownership for customer satisfaction and honor our commitments.

 Armor Auto Glass gets the job done right the FIRST TIME!

Armor Auto Glass’s experience will give you the confidence in our ability to get the job done right the first time.  We’re proud of our "can-do" attitude for emergency and last minute jobs.  Ask about our special “Rush” service options. 

Armor Auto Glass not only offers the very latest services knowledge and expertise, but also unique and sometimes hard to find items and services.  Our name represents the highest level of customer service, quality service and a commitment to excellence.  Our reputation is built on the concept of providing the highest quality services at very competitive prices. This policy has served us well for many years.

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